Change of Pace

Piantedosi RowWing sliding seat drop-in unit bolted in place

The RowWing sliding seat drop-in unit bolted in place

The RowWing sliding seat drop-in unit takes less than a minute to install. Hardwood inserts were set into the softwood thwarts for the mounting brackets to rest on. To secure the unit in place, four knobs thread onto stainless steel T-nuts driven into the underside of the thwarts. A pair of 9-1/2′ Piantedosi basswood sculling oars with Macon blades are used with this unit.

Knob with stainless steel T-nut

Knob with stainless steel T-nut

2 thoughts on “Change of Pace

  1. You guys still active?

    I have a Stickleback/Amberjack dory that I built in the 1900s. It has been out of service for many years but i recently pulled it out of retirement.

    Where are you located? I am in Prince Edward County, Ontario.


    Don Tyerman

    • Hi Don,

      Good to hear from a fellow builder, especially one who is also located in Prince Edward County. Don lives on South Bay and still has his Amberjack. I sold mine shortly after building it to someone not far from me on Picton Bay. Over the last 20 years I have built or been involved in building 8 boats. My latest was another Iain Oughtred design, the Wee Rob canoe.

      Don and I were both involved in a project which I initiated back in 2012, the building of Canada’s first St Ayles Skiff. There were 12 builders and a few years later some of us built a second St Ayles skiff. We formed a rowing club called the Ayle of Quinte Skiff Club and currently have about 35+ members. We row out of Waupoos Marina three to four times a week. Unfortunately due to the pandemic the boats have not been launched this season.

      I recorded the build on another blog:

      Maybe next spring if we can get back out on the water you’d like to come out and join us for a row.

      Where on the County do you live?


      Chris Ireland
      11730 Loyalist Parkway
      Picton, ON K0K 2T0

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